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I have a secure site (.htaccess = Deny from all) that I want to allow certain people access to

However, they are using mobile laptops and have dynamics IPs allocated to them by the ISP

So, I downloaded no-ip client which should give them a host which can resolve to an IP.

However, when I put

Allow from xxx.no-ip.org

in the .htaccess file, I still get the forbidden page.

I have other fixed IP locations allowed - and working - and I have tested that xxx.no-ip.org resolves to the IP I want by using http://www.webyield.net/ipa.php.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong here?

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as duskwuff pointed, no-ip does not help as client domain name is not used in the HTTP, and there's no way for your server to know it (except for reverse DNS which is not applicable to dynamic IPs). –  Sandman4 Aug 6 '12 at 8:38

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Apache Allow and Deny rules use wildcards (e.g, Allow from *.example.com), and as such work on reverse DNS. Your users' IP addresses are not reversing to the no-ip.org address (they're probably resolving to something specific to the ISP), so Apache is denying them access.

You'd probably do best to just give them all usernames and passwords, and use HTTP authentication (via mod_authz_user or similar) to grant them access.

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