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I'm looking to load a single (chosen randomly) object from a single table in my database on every page of my rails app.

For example, a quotes table which has several quotes in the table, and I just want one on every page load.

What's the best way to accomplish this? Obviously copy & pasting the query into each controller isn't the right way to go about this.

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I wouldn't use before_filter for this, there is no need to access database on redirecting actions and other "not rendered" actions. Instead I would use helper_function, and I would call it in the layout, as you need to position it anyways.

def random_quote
  @quote ||= "Select random quote here"

helper_method :random_quote

Your method of selecting a quote is up to you. You just need to access random_quote as a normal helper method in the layout. This only access one quote per action, only if the layout is rendered.

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This kind of stuff typically goes into a before_filter in the ApplicationController :

before_filter :get_random_quote

#This code is executed before every action of your app
def get_random_quote
  random_id = ...#Generate a random ID ...
  @random_quote = Quote.find(random_id)

Then in your views, just refer to @random_quote. Done!

Edit : on second thought, Matzi solution seems smarter. The request will only get called when you actually output something. Nothing's wasted.

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Assuming PostgreSQL:

before_filter :get_quote

def get_quote
  @quote = Quote.order('RANDOM()').limit(1)
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