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Just started to play around with mysql spatial:

ID       BDY

4BCTD   152.936368,-27.22613|152.936525,-27.226409|152.937087,-27.228033|152.937327,-....

I have a BDY table which consists of ID and BDY.

CREATE TABLE tbl_geom 
BDY text,

BDY have the latitude, longitude text and I would liek to convert teh boundary into a spatial column called GEOLOC.

Tried this but didn't work:

UPDATE  tbl_geom b SET  GEOLOC = POLYFROMTEXT('SELECT  bdy  FROM tbl_geom a');

Kept returning null

Even These queries returning null

SELECT GeomFromText('SELECT  bdy  FROM tbl_geom a');

SELECT polyFromText('SELECT  bdy  FROM tbl_geom a');

SELECT AsText(bdy) FROM tbl_geom;

Any help is much appreciated.

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I think your query should be

UPDATE `tbl_geom` SET `GEOLOC` = POLYFROMTEXT(CONCAT('POLYGON((', REPLACE(REPLACE(`bdy`, ',', ' '), '|', ','), '))'));


  • converts the commas to spaces in bdy
  • converts the pipes to commas
  • tops and tails it in a POLYGON call
  • updates GEOLOC
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