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I've setup several areas in the dashboard.config file of my umbraco site to extend the admin. However, not all users should have access to these tabs. Is there a way to restrict access? I can only see how to restrict access from a particular section (e.g. Settings or Developer).

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well yes, its not possible to block certain tabs from the users section you can workaround that yourself in the usercontrols on the dashboard itself.

in the page_load of your usercontrols you can request the current user and do something with it...

example: you could create a new usertype to give them access...

User u = User.GetCurrent();
if(u.UserType.Id != <the id of your new usertype>)
pnlNoAccess.visible = true;

there is a better solution beeing worked on, codeplex work item for this issue yet still it has no target for release.

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