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I can't understand the purpose of the code below. When I read the sdk of octeon, how is the enum type used to allocate registers? And how can I use cvmx_fau_reg_64_t?

/*************************  FAU allocation ********************************/
/* The fetch and add registers are allocated here.  They are arranged
    in order of descending size so that all alignment constraints are
    automatically met.
    The enums are linked so that the following enum continues allocating
    where the previous one left off, so the numbering within each
    enum always starts with zero.  The macros take care of the address
    increment size, so the values entered always increase by 1.
    FAU registers are accessed with byte addresses. */

#define CVMX_FAU_REG_64_ADDR(x) ((x <<3) + CVMX_FAU_REG_64_START)
typedef enum
    CVMX_FAU_REG_64_START          = 0, 
    CVMX_FAU_REG_64_END            = CVMX_FAU_REG_64_ADDR(0),
} cvmx_fau_reg_64_t;

#define CVMX_FAU_REG_32_ADDR(x) ((x <<2) + CVMX_FAU_REG_32_START)
typedef enum
    CVMX_FAU_REG_32_START          = CVMX_FAU_REG_64_END,
    CVMX_FAU_REG_32_END            = CVMX_FAU_REG_32_ADDR(0),
} cvmx_fau_reg_32_t;

#define CVMX_FAU_REG_16_ADDR(x) ((x <<1) + CVMX_FAU_REG_16_START)
typedef enum
    CVMX_FAU_REG_16_START          = CVMX_FAU_REG_32_END,
    CVMX_FAU_REG_16_END            = CVMX_FAU_REG_16_ADDR(0),
} cvmx_fau_reg_16_t;

#define CVMX_FAU_REG_8_ADDR(x) ((x) + CVMX_FAU_REG_8_START)
typedef enum {
    CVMX_FAU_REG_8_START           = CVMX_FAU_REG_16_END,
    CVMX_FAU_REG_8_END             = CVMX_FAU_REG_8_ADDR(0),
} cvmx_fau_reg_8_t;

/* The name CVMX_FAU_REG_AVAIL_BASE is provided to indicate the first available
   FAU address that is not allocated in cvmx-config.h. This is 64 bit aligned. */
#define CVMX_FAU_REG_AVAIL_BASE ((CVMX_FAU_REG_8_END + 0x7) & (~0x7ULL))
#define CVMX_FAU_REG_END (2048)
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In C, enum type is similar to signed integer data type. This is how you should use the cvmx_fau_reg_64_t:

cvmx_fau_reg_64_t myRegister;


//Do something with the *myRegister* variable

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