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I have a mysql database that stores users that are online. Is there an efficient way of triggering an event after a time period to detect the users that are inactive (to set their status to "offline")? I'm storing the last time the user was active in a table (TIMESTAMP value).


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You can use a cron job to call a PHP script to update the users table. –  j08691 Aug 6 '12 at 3:28

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To run a php script regularly, you have many solutions :

  • You use a cron job (this implies that you have a server). For learn to do this you can visit this link.
  • You use the Event Scheduler provided by MySQL.
  • If you not have server, you can use a provider who will launch your tasks regularly, the most known is Webcron.org (it's not free).
  • Other solution, you create a script PHP that will run in the background while waiting for the right time to perform an action ; for do that you must have access to function set_time_limit() and ignore_user_abort(). Then you create a script that loops continuously and checks for the moment whether there is something to do.
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