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Execute another jar in a java program

I have an executable jar file that accepts two parameters: an input file and an output file:

java -jar inputFile.txt outputFile.txt

How can I call exactly this from JavaScript?

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I'm hoping you understand the complete and utter difference between Java and JavaScript. Are you building a website or web application? –  Jon Aug 6 '12 at 4:00
I've edited the question so that it makes some sense. If you don't find the edits appropriate, please roll them back. –  Blender Aug 6 '12 at 4:08
@Blender: That changes the meaning of the question. The original was about how to call it from JavaScript, not Java, which is a perfectly reasonable (if uncommon) thing to do. –  Mechanical snail Aug 6 '12 at 4:40

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The answer depends on the context.

  • If your javascript is running in a web browser sandbox, then the answer is that you can't run a JAR file. The sandbox is designed to stop you doing that kind of thing.

  • If your javascript is running under node.js, then this SO Q&A offers a solution to the problem of running a command: How do I run the system commands in javascript?. This can be used to run the java command with the appropriate args.

  • If your javascript is trusted code running in a browser with a Java plugin, then you may be able to make a call to java.lang.System.exec(...) passing an appropriate java command line in the appropriate fashion. You may also be able to create a classloader, read the JAR file's manifest, extract the entry point class, load it, and call the "main" method.

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java -jar executable.jar inputFile.txt outputFile.txt

For further details see the java command synopsis:


  • java [ options ] class [ argument ... ]
  • java [ options ] -jar file.jar [ argument ... ]
  • javaw [ options ] class [ argument ... ]
  • javaw [ options ] -jar file.jar [ argument ... ]
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