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Here is my Main:

#include "foodservice.h"
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main() {
  Inventory Master;
  bool flag;
  Customer Bob("Bob", "CreditCard.txt" );
  Customer Joe("Joe", "CreditCard.txt" );

cout <<"\n";
  Food Apple("Apples", .99, 10);
  Food Oranges("Oranges", .99, 2);
  Food Chips("Chips", 3.00, 2);

  cout <<"\nHi Bob" << endl;
  flag = Bob.addCart(Apple, 7, &Master);
  cout <<"Bob's total purchases are Currently: \n";
  flag = Bob.addCart(Oranges, 2, &Master);
  flag = Bob.addCart(Chips, 2, &Master);
  flag = Bob.removeCart(Apple, 3, &Master);
  cout <<"Bob, ";
  flag = Bob.checkout(&Master);

I left some parts out because for this specific question i don't think its needed.

Here is the following where i tried implementing input from text:

Customer::Customer( string n,string fileName ) {
  name = n;
  ifstream Credit;
  std::string line;
  Credit.open(fileName.c_str(), ios::in);

  while( Credit.good() && !Credit.eof() ) {
    Credit >> card >> balance >> ws;

 CreditCard _CC( card, balance );

here is part of my header:

class Customer {

   Customer(string n, string fileName);
    ~Customer() { _Cart.clear(); };
    bool addCart(Food f, int q, Inventory* inv);
    bool removeCart(Food f,int q, Inventory* inv);
    void report(); 
    bool checkout(Inventory* inv); 
    string name;
    int q;
    int card;
    double balance;
    CreditCard _CC(int card,double balance);
    vector<Food> _Cart;

Here is the CrediCard.txt file:

12345    00.00
32564    60.88

Im just trying to get this to work because i declared in one of my methods if

if( balance < total ) {
      cout << "Checkout Failed. You do not have enough money to afford everything." 
          <<"Please go back and remove items as necessary.\n";
      return false;

I can't seem to get this to work because i tried playing around where i gave my first customer via the text file not enough of a balance to afford the food in his cart, but i can't seem to get the checkout failed message to appear. I still keep getting checkout complete. I think i implemented the input of the text file wrong but am not sure. If i did do it right then i will try to figure it out myself but if not, i could appreciate the help from anyone. Thanks

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It is very hard to say what's wrong as certain crucial functions are missing. However what you should do is learn to use a debugger. Step through your code and see which variables have correct values and which have unexpected values. As soon as you know that it will probably be quite obvious what is wrong with your code. – Eelke Aug 6 '12 at 5:01
Haha you were so right, i debugged and was able to fix the issue. Thanks so much. :D – tensuka Aug 6 '12 at 5:46

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