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I m trying to run an android source code in eclipse. The targetSdkVerison for this app is 5 . I m totally new to android and have installed the latest api's ( Android 4.1) . In some part of the code I m getting errors such as

    public void hideNotification(Service context)
        context.setForeground(false);// error: The method setForeground(boolean) is undefined for the type Service

    public void showNotification(Service context, long songId)
        context.startForeground(NOTIF_PLAYING, newNotification(context, songId));//error :Call requires API level 5 (current min is 3): android.app.Service#startForeground

I guess these are because incompatibility between different versions of sdk . How can I resolve the same ?

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Firstly, setForeground(...) has been deprecated, and is no longer usable. See this blog for more details.

You are getting this error because your minimum SDK level, defined in the manifest, is 3. startForeground(...) requires API 5+.

Now, in order to solve this, you cannot support anything below API 5; according to Dashboards, 99.3% of users have migrated to APIs 5+. To do this, set your minSdkVersion to 5, and remove your call to setForeground(...). (This will solve both error messages.)

Note: setForeground(...) has since been removed from the SDK, and should no longer be used, ever, at all.

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Service.setForeground(boolean) is a method that doesn't exist since API level 5. It was replaced with startForeground(int, Notification).

The documentation (from the link) suggests a method that you can use to support older devices while still targeting an API that is 5 or greater.

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Since Android 2.0, this method is deprecated due to abusive use of applications in Android 1.5. Check out the following blog to see what has changed since then.


Also visit this page to reference the new method (and a small sample).

http://developer.android.com/reference/android/app/Service.html#startForeground(int, android.app.Notification)

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