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I've run into a an issue with the onReady callback on Meteor.subscribe. When it is called, it is as the documentation states: The subscription has been marked as complete. However, the collection that it is modifying may not be done processing differences between the last subscription.

A quick demonstration can be seen by modifying the Todos example:

$ meteor create --example todos

Edit client/todos.js, see line 34. Replace the autosubscribe block with:

Meteor.autosubscribe(function () {
  var list_id = Session.get('list_id');
  var onReady = function (done) {
    var list, todos = Todos.find();
    if (todos) {
      list = todos.map(function (todo) {
        return todo.text;
      if (done) {
        console.log("subscription onReady called again 100ms later:", list);
      } else {
        console.log("subscription onReady called:", list);
        setTimeout(function () {
        }, 100);
  if (list_id)
    Meteor.subscribe('todos', list_id, onReady);

Launch the example, and click from one Todo List to the other (see top left) while watching the console. You'll notice that when onReady is called, the collection contains both the documents from the previous Todo List concatenated with the newly selected Todo List.

This isn't really a bug, because the onReady has never implied that it would be fired when the collection was up-to-date, but only when the subscription has completed.

Any suggestions to approach this? Is there a way to be notified immediately once the collection has been brought up-to-date after a subscription? I wonder if I should be relying on .observe... but on the client? Is that available client-side? I may try this tomorrow... but I'd love to hear solutions

FYI: My use case revolves around the typeahead Bootstrap JS plugin. I am firing a subscription with a search query to the server. The server publishes the search results, and as soon as the client receives this data (was hoping onReady would be the right choice...), I proceed to populate/update the typeahead source.

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I've managed to get this working by indeed using a client-side observe. I'll post some code shortly to demonstrate how this would be done –  matb33 Aug 6 '12 at 5:52
After sleeping and regaining a clear head, it struck me that autosubscribe did exactly what I needed. It seems so obvious now... –  matb33 Aug 8 '12 at 13:24

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I asked a similar question here: Is there any way to know when an meteor subscription is 'valid'?

In short, you are correct about what's going on; the answer is just to filter the Todos collection appropriately when you use it:

Template.foo.todos = function() { 
  return Todos.find({list_id: Session.get('list_id')});
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