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I'm just getting started with Subsonic 3.0 ActiveRecord and am trying to implement a batch query like the one in the SubSonic docs. I'm using a batch so I can query a User and a list of the users Orders in one shot.

When I call the BatchQuery.Queue() method, adding my "select user" query, SubSonic throws the following exception:

System.InvalidOperationException : Can't decide which property to consider the Key - you can create one called 'ID' or mark one with SubSonicPrimaryKey attribute

The code is as follows:

var db = new MyDB();
var userQuery = from u in db.Users //gets user by uid
                where u.uid == 1
                select u;

var provider = ProviderFactory.GetProvider();
var batch = new BatchQuery(provider);
batch.Queue(userQuery); //exception here

//create and add "select users orders" query here...

First things first - Why this error? My SubSonic Users object knows it's PK. "uid" is the PK in the database and the generated code reflects this. And I thought SubSonicPrimaryKey attribute was for the SimpleRepository? Is this way of batching not for ActiveRecord?

I could ask a number of other questions, but I'll leave it at that. If anyone can help me figure out what is going on and how to issue 2 batched queries I'd be grateful!

Edit - after further investigation

I ran through the source code with the debugger. Adam is correct - the ToSchemaTable() method in Objects.cs is apparently building out my schema and failing to find a PK. At the very end, it tries to find a column property named "ID" and flags this as the PK, otherwise it throws the exception. I added a check for "UID" and this works!

Still... I'm confused. I'm admittedly a bit lost after peeling back layer after layer of the source, but it seems like this portion of code is trying to build up a schema for my table and completely ignoring my generated User class - which quite nicely identifies which column/property is the PK! It doesn't seem quite right that I'd be required to name all keys "ID" w/ ActiveRecord.

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I think the answer you're looking for is that this is a really stupid bug on my part. I'm hoping to push another build next week and if you could put this on the issue list I'd really appreciate it. My apologies...

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Issue submitted. Thanks for the confirmation on the bug. github.com/subsonic/SubSonic-3.0/issues/#issue/81 – Kurt Schindler Jul 28 '09 at 19:04

SubSonic expects your primary key to be called Id so it's getting confused. SubSonicPrimaryKey is for simple repository but I assume where that exception is being thrown is shared between the different templates. If you rename your PK to Id or id or ID your query will work.

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Thanks! This is not the answer I wanted to hear, but you did help me further troubleshoot and bandaid a workaround (see my edit for detail). – Kurt Schindler Jul 25 '09 at 20:00
Looks like this is going to be fixed though so hopefully you won't need the workaround for long. – Adam Cooper Jul 27 '09 at 9:45

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