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@@ I am using cursors in Teradata and I need some help related to fetch_status

below are the SQL Server FETCH_STATUS values

Return value Description 0 FETCH statement was successful. -1 FETCH statement failed or the row was beyond the result set. -2 Row fetched is missing.

Can you tell me the equivalent values for the FETCH_STATUS in Teradata


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When you are iterating through a cursor using FETCH the SQLCODE and SQLSTATE will be set accordingly when you have exceeded the records in the resultset.

  • SQLCODE is set to 7362
  • SQLSTATE is set to ‘02000’

The system will handle this error internally allowing you to write your loop logic in a similar manner:

OPEN myCursor;

  FETCH myCursor INTO Field1, Field2;

CLOSE myCursor;
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