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I am running maven based Spring project in netbeans . I am using an environment variable in my project configurations file to Open specific file based on that variable value . I am able to set it In Eclipse but do not know how to set in Netbeans . Can any one help me?

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possible duplicate of How do I set up a java environment variable in Netbeans – user647772 Aug 6 '12 at 9:28
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System.getEnv("FOO") == "FOOVALUE"

netbeans 6.7+ -

Right click Project

  • ->Properties ->Actions ->Run project ->Set Properties: Add


Note: You can apply the same technique on other configurations and other actions like Debug project

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I could not find that Properties->Actions setting, using NetBeans 7.4. I did not explicitly need an environment variable--just some value I could set outside my application. So, instead, I was able to make a change in the "" file under the nbproject folder of the main application.

Within is a "run.args.extra" setting. Any command line argument you wish to pass along must have its 'name' preceded by '-J'. Here is an example.


Note that this is NOT an environment variable. Rather, it is a System.getProperty("FOO") accessible value. Of special note: this is also the place to change how much memory your applications allocate, using Xmx/Xms.

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