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When you specify font sizes in "em" units, the browser calculates the pixel values based upon its parents. Is there a way to view the final computed pixel size? Can Firebug do this or is there another tool.

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Yes, in Firebug, select "Show Computed Style" on the style tab

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Or, equivalently, the DOM Inspector Computed Style view on the element. –  Steve Gilham Jul 25 '09 at 15:51
Does it always show in pixels? –  Jarvis Jul 25 '09 at 16:04

This conversion table between points, pixes, ems and percent isn't 100% accurate, but I've found it to be useful:


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One way would be to make a list with text in different font sizes, and compare them:

    <li style="font-size:10px;">10px</li>
    <li style="font-size:10.5px;">10px</li>
    <li style="font-size:11px;">10px</li>

This is not accurate, but I don't think there is another option. Maybe using JavaScript.

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