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When I create a table adapter in Visual Studio, I can click on advanced options and select these options...

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Maybe my assumption is wrong, but it would make sense for me to retrieve that identity column value somehow. I looked at the auto-generated Insert() function for the table adapter, and the integer it returns is the result of ExecuteNonQuery() which is rows affected.

Can someone explain the use of this checkbox? And how I can use it to retrieve the identity of the row inserted?

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first of all, the table needs a primary key on the database, otherwise there are no update commands generated and the DataTable is not refreshed after inserting (if the key is generated by the database e.g. autoincrement). If you have no primary key and want to retrieve the values generated by the db, use the OUTPUT Clause:

isnert into tablename (coulumnnames ..) OUTPUT inserted.* VALUES(values...)


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