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What is the difference between

var createControl = function (attribute){ ...} 


$.fn.createControl = function (attribute) { .. }

in jQuery. What is the advantage of changing a function from $.fn.createControl to var createControl.

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var foo = function (param) { ... }

Assigns a function to foo.

$.fn.foo = function (param) { ... } 

Extends the prototype of jQuery with foo. fn is just a shortcut to prototype and $ is a shortcut for jQuery. You could write the same thing as:

jQuery.prototype.foo = function (param) { ... }

The difference is that the former is just a variable within a certain scope, invisible outside of it. The later is a method extending the jQuery global object, thus making the variable accessible from anywhere since the jQuery object is attached to window, is global.

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It's part of the syntax for writing jQuery plugins, so you can call your custom plugins like so:



That way, your createControl() can tell which elements it is being called upon. If you are doing var createControl, you need to either pass in the selector to the function, or hard code it within the function.

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the use of $.fn.createControl = function() {} allows for the use of plugins. for instance, if someone wants to make a plugin for something and want to let the user decide what element he wants the plugin to be used for the person can just do $('#element').createControl();

just doing var createControl = function() {} just creates a function and its only use is to be called separately such as createControl(); without any selector element in front of it.

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