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I need to store pre-configured values that later will be used for selections that the user may choose from a table in iOS app, probably around 5-10 of choices.
What is the best way to store these kind of data in terms of performance and efficiency?
I might think of several methods like:

  • hard-coded right in the rendering method
  • array
  • plist file
  • core data


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All your examples looks well-suited for PRE-configured values in program, not for something user input. –  kirilloid Aug 6 '12 at 7:23
@kirilloid sorry if it was unclear at first, yes actually i am asking for storing pre-configured values that the user can choose from, nothing to do with user input –  verdy Aug 6 '12 at 13:14
Core data is overkill. Either hardcode it into the rendering method or, if you think the code may be useful in other places, use a plist file containing an array or dictionary. Load the plist file once and keep the data in memory if you are worried about efficiency. –  EricS Aug 6 '12 at 13:33
Hard-coded values ain't good anyway. plist looks better than any other option. –  kirilloid Aug 6 '12 at 14:40

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If it is really just about 5 to 10 data items then you may store them in an NSDictionary or Array and save that in an plist file and read from it. You can use the dictionaryWithContentsOfFile method or arrayWithContentsOfFile respectively to read from the plist and use writeToFile for writing.

For lager amount of data you can look into core data.

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Static data should be stored in static variables of the appropriate class which will load the values.

Whether you load the dictionary from a file or not here is how to load the dictionary or array statically so its only ever done once in your application.

@interface MyApp

+(void) initialize; //will only be called once when the class is loaded


static NSArray *myListOfStuff;

@implementation MyApp

+(void) initialize {
    //...either load your values from a file or hard code the values here
    //init and assign values to myListOfStuff

//a statis getter for the list
+(NSArray *) listOfStuff {
    return myListOfStuff;

//Client Code to get the list in your app
NSArray *myList = [MyApp listOfStuff];

//This memory will not be released for the life of the application.
//it will be loaded once and only once - its efficient

Google persisting a dictionary or array to a plist if persistence is what you are after what Im showing you is how to structure loading static data in your object model efficiently regardless of the persistence approach

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