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My java project contains many jars for different purposes. e.g. spring framework jars, log4j, hibernate, etc.

My question is where should I place these jars in the lib folder?

  1. Should I copy all these jars inside a single folder or
  2. Create a different folder inside lib folder for each component, i.e. so my lib folder will have hibernate, spring, log4j folders inside it or
  3. Create a folder structure similar to one created by Maven
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If you are using eclipse IDE,use "User Libraries" tag to make different libraries.But all libraries put to WEB-INF/lib is also OK.

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If you don't want to use Maven, what I'd like to do is, to have each folder for each jar and create a subfolder for each version.

For example,

          |+ .jar
          |+ .jar

But if you have only few jar files, you could put them all in one folder and your IDE will take care of it.

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What is your deployment ? (WAR/EAR) ?. In either case, all the jars files go directly under lib folder

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