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I added some fields in an ext js form with required 'itemCls'. But the form submitting without checking (mandatory fields) the fields null or not.

My code is given below,

       xtype: 'form',
       id   : 'form',
       bodyStyle: 'overflow : auto; height: 337px;',
       items: [{
             xtype: 'fieldset',
             items  : [
                xtype   : 'combo',
                id      : 'adr',
                anchor  :'98%',
                listWidth   : 300,
                itemCls: 'required',
                editable: false,
                store   : store,
                displayField    : 'NAM',
                valueField      : 'ID',
                triggerAction   : 'all',
                mode            : 'local'
                xtype       : 'datefield',
                id          : 'date',
                name        : 'date',
                itemCls     : 'required',
                readOnly    : false,
                xtype       : 'textfield',
                id          : 'name',
                itemCls     : 'required',
                anchor      : '98%',
                fieldLabel  : 'name',
                name        : 'name'
                 xtype  : 'button',
                 text   : 'Save',
                 handler: function(btn, evt){


Any help is must appreciated..

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try adding allowBlank : false to form fields. check api docs docs.sencha.com/ext-js/3-4/#!/api/… –  MMT Aug 6 '12 at 8:56

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You have to add monitorValid: true to form. Then you can use listener clientvalidation on form, for exmaple, to disable submit button

listeners: {
  clientvalidation : function(form, valid) {

After that client validation will work as expected. NOTE: button-save is id which should be on Save button.

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