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I have three tables I wish to inner join by a common column between them.

Say my tables are;

TableA TableB TableC

I wish to join A-B, but then also B-C all by this common field I will call common.

I have joined two tables like this;

dbo.tableA AS A INNER JOIN dbo.TableB AS B
ON A.common = B.common

How do I add the third one?

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dbo.tableA AS A INNER JOIN dbo.TableB AS B ON A.common = B.common inner join dbo.TableC as C on C.common=B.common – praveen Aug 6 '12 at 8:01
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select *
    tableA a
        inner join
    tableB b
        on a.common = b.common
        inner join 
    TableC c
        on b.common = c.common
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How would the output table would look like. Say SO questions and comments to each question, and answers to each question and comments to each answer. Three tables questions, answers, comments. – Işık Apr 19 at 16:03
@ışık You would get all the columns from tableA, then all the columns from tableB, then all the columns from tableC. Or you can choose the columns you want – podiluska Apr 20 at 13:19

Just do the same thing agin but then for TableC

FROM dbo.tableA A 
INNER JOIN dbo.TableB B ON A.common = B.common
INNER JOIN dbo.TableC C ON A.common = C.common
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dbo.tableA AS A INNER JOIN dbo.TableB AS B
ON A.common = B.common INNER JOIN TableC C
ON B.common = C.common
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try the following code

select * from TableA A 
inner join TableB B on A.Column=B.Column 
inner join TableC C on A.Column=C.Column
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try this:

JOIN TableB ON TableA.primary_key = TableB.foreign_key 
JOIN TableB ON TableB.foreign_key = TableC.foreign_key
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