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Is it possible to change a forms action Url with jQuery/js depending on a browser #tag?

The tabs are working correctly I just need the action to change as well.

Here is the tab js I am currently using, I am also using the jQuery Address Plugin also:

var QTABS = {

init: function () {
    // attached onload and change event to address plugin
    $.address.init(function(event) {
        // first load, set panel
    }).change(function(event) {
        // if the url changes, set panel

// the core function to display correct panel
setPanel: function (event) {

    // grab the hash tag from address plugin event
    var hashtag = event.pathNames[0];
    // get the correct tab item, if no hashtag, get the first tab item
    var tab = (hashtag) ? $('.tabs li a[href=#' + hashtag + ']') : $('.tabs li:first a');

    // reset everything to default
    $('.tabs li').removeClass('activeTab');
    $('.tab_container .tab_content').hide();

    // if hashtag is found
    if (hashtag) {

        // set current tab item active and display correct panel
        $('.tab_container .tab_content:eq(' + (tab.parent().index()) + ')').show();          

    } else {

        // set the first tab item and first panel               
        $('.tabs li:first').addClass('activeTab');
        $('.tab_container .tab_content:first').show();           


    if ($('.tabs').length)
        // change the page title to current selected tab
        document.title = tab.attr('title');

// Execute this script!
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I can't see where's the problem - if your code works, you can easily add another function to init and change functions. In your new function make use of event object wich contains hashtag and set form action as necessary, for example like this: $("#form").attr('action', hashtag_or_something); –  WTK Aug 6 '12 at 8:24

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This is what i ahve used successfully

       $('#myForm').attr("action", "accounttrandelete.php"); 
      return false;
      $('#myForm').attr("action", "accounttranedit.php"); 
      return false;
      $('#myForm').attr("action", "accounttranrec.php"); 
      return false;
      $('#myForm').attr("action", "accounttranunrec.php"); 
      return false;
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Because I don't know where the form is and how you want to access it. If you want change the action url to do this:

$("form").attr("action", "Put your new Url here");


$("#tag")..attr("action", "Put your new Url here");

If you want to use standard Javascript you can change as follow:

document.forms[0].action = "Put your new Url here";

Note: you can replace forms[0] by the name of your form.


If you have a form with an id then its similar to above method call:

document.getElementById("tag").action = "Put your new Url here";
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thanks for your response, I want append to the url with a #tag –  neoszion Aug 6 '12 at 8:43
@neoszion Preventing a missunderstanding, do you meant with '#tag' that your form has got an id attribute? –  reporter Aug 6 '12 at 9:08

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