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I have a ClientsTable like that :

firstName lastName address idNumber userName password
         |        |       |        |        |
david      bowie    here    123     mick      jagger 
chuck      norris   there   456     steven    seagal

I want to get both the userName and the password of each row and verify it with the given parameters of my method :

public Person verifyClientExists(String username,String password) throws SQLException

    ResultSet results = this.m_statement.executeQuery("SELECT `userName` FROM `ClientsTable`");  
    while (results.next() == true)
        // here I want to compare the retrieved data from 
                    // mysql with the "username" and "password" given in the prototype

    return null;


But with my current query I can only get one field .

How can I retrieve two fields ?


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It's a bad practice to store the password in plaintext in the database. – Mark Byers Aug 6 '12 at 8:45
@MarkByers: Okay , so what should do instead ? encryption ? – Jack cole Aug 6 '12 at 8:48
Use something like PBKDF2 or bcrypt. stackoverflow.com/questions/2860943/… – Mark Byers Aug 6 '12 at 8:50
@MarkByers: Noted, thanks a lot! – Jack cole Aug 6 '12 at 10:01
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Why not use

select username, password from clientstable

? And then your ResultSet interrogation is:

String username = results.getString("username");
String password = results.getString("password");

See the JDBC tutorial page on ResultSets. Note that I ask for the results by column name. It's fractionally more robust than by asking for them by index (number). If I change the SQL statement (reorder query parameters) then the correct columns are still returned.

I hope you're not storing cleartext passwords in those tables, btw! See here for more info on hashing and salts.

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Good answer +1 & chosen , for the mentioning the importance of password encryption . – Jack cole Aug 6 '12 at 8:50

Change your query to:

SELECT `userName`, `password` FROM `ClientsTable`
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First, I would suggest using the APIs to build queries, and not execute raw queries (take a look here).

But to answer your question - if you want to get also the password use:

ResultSet results = this.m_statement.executeQuery("SELECT `userName`, `password` FROM `ClientsTable`");  
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alternatively, you can check the number of records from the result:

FROM   `ClientsTable`
WHERE  userName = 'userHere' AND
       password = 'passHere'

the result here would be 0 and 1 only :) because I assume that the username is unique.

but if you want to retrieve the username and the password, just select the two columns in your query.

SELECT `userName`, `password` 
FROM `ClientsTable`
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You can ask for more fields like this: SELECT userName, password FROM ClientsTable

Then use resultSet.getString(1) for userName and resultSet.getString(2) for password

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Change your sql to "SELECT userName ,password FROM ClientsTable

Now you can use the resultset object and fetch the values

or you can retrieve using the fieldName results.getString("userName"); results.getString("password");

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Your query is wrong. Your query should be like :-


Its quite simple to retrieve not only 2 field but also any number of field.

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