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I want to get substring from this string:

"1,26,[1076168,'Stabaek','Brann','1.021',10,'08/07/2012 01:00','',0,0,1,6],,[[19,23,[]],[14148266,[1,0,1,0,5000,-0.50,19001],[-0.95,0.87]],[14166487,[1,0,1,0,2000,-0.25,19001],[-0.72,0.64]],[14148270,[5,0,5,0,2000,0.00,19001],[3.90,3.50,1.86]],[14166491,[1,0,1,0,3000,-0.75,19001],[0.80,-0.88]]],2"

So I called swscanf function like this!

swscanf( szTemp , L"%d,%d,[%d,\'%s\',\'%s\',\'%s\',%d,\'%s\',\'\',%d,%d,%d,%d],,[%s],%d" , &n1 , &n2 , &n3 , szA , szB , szT1 , &n4 , szTime , &n5 , &n6 , &n7 , &n8 , szThird , &n9);

The Result is:

n1: 1  
n2: 26  
n3: 1076168

szA: Stabaek','Brann','1.021',10,'08/07/2012 ( Incorrect)


and the other parameter's value are also incorrect!

I can't know why this happen?

Please tell me the reason.

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what is the expected value for szA, szB? – tobi Aug 6 '12 at 8:29
What is szA supposed to contain? – hmjd Aug 6 '12 at 8:30
Edited the tags as this posted code is not C++, is not related to MFC or HTTP. – hmjd Aug 6 '12 at 9:40
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If the intention is to store Stabaek in szA then you need to exclude the ' as it is not considered a delimiter for %s format. From the C standard for format s:

Matches a sequence of non-white-space characters.

To exclude change %s to %[^']:

swscanf( szTemp , L"%d,%d,[%d,\'%[^']', ... ");

A few recommendations:

  • place limits on the number of characters read into a char[] to avoid buffer overrun (32 in below example, remember to leave space for terminating null):

    swscanf( szTemp , L"%d,%d,[%d,\'%32[^']', ... ");
  • check return value from swscanf(). It returns the number of successful assignments made. In the posted code, 14 assignments are being requested so the return value should be 14 (if all are required to be present);

    if (14 == swscanf(...))
        /* All good. */
  • use the %n format specifier to determine to what point the input buffer was processed. I find this useful to check that the entire buffer was processed (if the entire buffer is expected to be processed):

    int pos;
    if (14 == swscanf(szTemp, "....%n", ...., &pos) &&
        pos == wcslen(szTemp))
        /* All assignments made and processed entire buffer. */
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Oh, Excellent! szA value is Correct, But Please help me one more! I want to get szThird string correct! How can I do? – bTagTiger Aug 6 '12 at 9:02
Must szThird = "[19,23,[]],[14148266,[1,0,1,0,5000,-0.50,19001],[-0.95,0.87]],[14166487,[1,0,1,‌​0,2000,-0.25,19001],[-0.72,0.64]],[14148270,[5,0,5,0,2000,0.00,19001],[3.90,3.50,‌​1.86]],[14166491,[1,0,1,0,3000,-0.75,19001],[0.80,-0.88]]" – bTagTiger Aug 6 '12 at 9:07
But now, szThird = "[19,23,[]],[14148266,[1,0,1,0,5000,-0.50,19001],[-0.95,0.87]],[14166487,[1,0,1,‌​0,2000,-0.25,19001],[-0.72,0.64]],[14148270,[5,0,5,0,2000,0.00,19001],[3.90,3.50,‌​1.86]],[14166491,[1,0,1,0,3000,-0.75,19001],[0.80,-0.88]]],2 – bTagTiger Aug 6 '12 at 9:08
@bTagTiger, I don't know how to express that using sscanf() formats. Here is a possible solution that requires more that just sscanf(): – hmjd Aug 6 '12 at 9:39
Thanks for your help! – bTagTiger Aug 6 '12 at 11:22

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