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i made it to loop through the dives on my computer and when ever a usb is in the drive it copies it to a folder? but when ever i run it, it doesn't work whats wrong?

@echo off
xcopy /S E:\ D:\Users\nic\Desktop\Stuff\Usb >nul 
xcopy /S F:\ D:\Users\nic\Desktop\Stuff\Usb >nul
xcopy /S H:\ D:\Users\nic\Desktop\Stuff\Usb >nul
xcopy /S I:\ D:\Users\nic\Usb 
timeout 10
goto loop
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Nothing to do with Javascript - retagged and reformatted. –  David M Aug 6 '12 at 8:47

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Have you tried removing the >nul to see if you're hiding informative messages like it waiting for a drive to be inserted?

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Try this instead

@echo off
xcopy /E E:\ D:\Users\nic\Desktop\Stuff\Usb >nul 
xcopy /E F:\ D:\Users\nic\Desktop\Stuff\Usb >nul
xcopy /E H:\ D:\Users\nic\Desktop\Stuff\Usb >nul
xcopy /E I:\ D:\Users\nic\Usb 
timeout /t 10
goto :loop
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