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In GWT-platform, what is the different between Action and Event?

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I think the concepts of event is a bit wider than action. Each action can be associated with some event but an action isn't necessarily for a occurrence of defined event. An action is any action of the user. And an event is a result of user action (UI event) or performing of some conditions (other event). For example, a user did the action press button. This action can be associated with an event button was pressed. And for example, a event expiration of user session doesn't require any action.

But these terms are very similar in meaning for GWT and I suppose sometimes many developers use they interchangeably.

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Actions are objects that represent a client-server command. Actions are sent from the client to the server using GWTP's dispatcher (DispatchAsync). Actions will be treated server-side, using an Action Handler. Actions can have asynchronous callbacks, for client-side treatment of successful or failed action handling.

Events are objects used on the client side. They are fired (ideally from a Presenter or a PresenterWidget) and are broadcasted to other Presenter/PresenterWidgets through the EventBus. Other Presenter/PresenterWidgets can subscribe to a particular Event type, and take action whenever an Event of that type is fired across the EventBus. It is an implementation of the Observer pattern.

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clear and precise answer. Thanks – sovanlandy Sep 5 '12 at 1:47

In GWT-platform, Actions refer to server-side calls (to fetch/alter data between client and server). Events is only on client-side. They could be used for manual reveal of presenters, or to update some text somewhere.

This is at least the way I use them.

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