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I really like perl's Regexp::Grammars module. Is there anything like this for .NET?

I'd really like to use a recursive descent parser in a regex style way (eg searching for a matching pattern through a large document) in C#, and be able to express that pattern recursively.

Update After reading this little gem from brian d foy, I discovered that perl 5.10 supports labeled subpatterns using (?&NAME). PCRE now has a Nuget package, and PCRE supports named/labeled subpatterns.

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Perl5 Regexp::Grammars is modeled after Perl6 grammars.

Niecza is a Perl6 implementation that implements grammars and targets the CLI, which .NET also does.

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interesting. I wonder if I could create a .NET class or DLL using Niecza and then call it from c#? – Matthew Lock Aug 7 '12 at 0:22

I don't think that there is a comparable module, but you can create recursive regexes in .NET. See here for an example.

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