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I encountered a problem with OverlayLayout.

Basically, I created a component which allows to unroll an overlay content above a main content (like a drop down menu). It works!

The problem is: if I put a JButton on the main content (the content below), when I click on this button, then the button starts to appear above the overlay content ! I don't know why?

Does anyone know what the problem is ? Is it maybe the focus ?

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probably it works on my pc without any issue, sure, unfortunatelly you can't to see that, isn't it ... –  mKorbel Aug 6 '12 at 9:49

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I finally found the answer! It comes from another post on stackoverflow...

When components overlap on the panel then you need to tell the panel so it can make sure it repaints the components in their proper ZOrder:

You do this by overriding the isOptimizedDrawingEnabled() method of the JPanel to return false.

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