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I would like to mix two audio files using avconv. In the documentation I found the following way of implementing this:

avconv -i INPUT1 -i INPUT2 -filter_complex amix=inputs=2:duration=first:dropout_transition=3 OUTPUT

However, when I'm trying to run this I get the following errors:

Unrecognized option 'filter_complex'
Failed to set value 'amix=inputs=2:duration=first:dropout_transition=3' for option 'filter_complex'

I have been searching for a solution for quite some time, but couldn't find anything.

I have version 0.8.3-4:0.8.3-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 of avconv. Do I need to change anything in the configurations or use a different version of avconv? Is there another way in which I could mix the audio files?

Thank you for your help.

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In some versions, the "complex filter" can specified using the "-filter:v" option, like:

avconv -i INPUT -filter:v amix=inputs=2:duration=first:dropout_transition=3 OUTPUT
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Today I was reviewing this problem also and the final solution was just to download a fresh static copy of ffmpeg and forget about the problem...

It seems that avconv doesn't implement -filter_complex, although the manual states that it does.

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You should use libav9 probably. Version 9.9 had been released recently.

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