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Here is the situation:

  • fresh Plone 4.2 buildout
  • a fresh package created using Zopeskel 2.21.1 with template 'archetype' and configured in my buildout using mr.developer

Trying to add some content types inside my package fails with:

[ajung@dev1 nva.aktionsmittel]$ bin/paster addcontent
Command 'addcontent' not known (you may need to run setup.py egg_info)

Running setup.py egg_info did not help.

setup.py contains:

setup.py:      paster_plugins=["ZopeSkel"]

setup.cfg contains:

template = archetype

What is the magic behind the local commands in order to make "paster addcontent" working? It worked in other contexts as it should?!

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ZopeSkel 2 issues

You are following a bad tutorial. Please make sure that

This is the way to make paster aware of your egg and its dependencies correctly and thus local commands can work.

ZopeSkel 3 issue (seemingly unrelated)

There was a recent change in ZopeSkel, meaning that you if you use ZopeSkel 3+ you need to be in srcfolder when running the command.

See note here:


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In order for the paster localcommand to run, it must be called from the same directory that contains the .egg-info directory (or a child directory inside it). If pasterns unable to find the .egg-info directory, it cannot run a local command. Paster uses the location of the .egg-info directory to locate setup.cfg, which is then used to determine if any local command entry points are available.

Check to see that you have an .egg-info directory generated inside your package, and that you are invoking paster from the same location or a child folder.

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