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I want some clarification regarding in-app billing android.I uploaded an apk in draft state in google play..I created an in-app product id and i made a purchase with test account registered with my developer account..Purchase worked fine as intended..i deleted the uploaded apk from developer site and also deleted the in-app product id. but the problem arose when i build a new signed apk with restore function and i uploaded with the new In-app product id and when i installed the new apk with same test account but different in-app product id,**it says **the purchase is already done and it restored the app.. can i know how restore function should work?? It should restore with different product id also? or it sees the registered google account with the in-app product?

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When you send a restore request, Google will send a PURCHASE_STATE_CHANGED notification with the original product ID purchased by the user account.

You might not be handling this notification correctly.

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