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I'm stuck with camel documentation as it's not very clear...

I want to define this route in Spring :

in: direct access from a url
out: get an object instance from a factory
--> format this object in Json

I've tried with marshaller like this :

<camel:route id="viewObject">
  <camel:from uri="restlet:/json/" />

  <camel:to uri="bean:myFactory" />
  <camel:unmarshal ref="jack" />

but it doesn't work as the unmarshal works after input and before output, this was expected so I tried to re route the output to another endpoint.

<camel:route id="formatObject">
  <camel:from uri="bean:myFactory" />
  <camel:unmarshal ref="jack" />
  <camel:to uri="mock:reverse" />

Basically I want my object :

public class MyObject{
  private String name;
  [ getter & setter here]

to be unmarshalled this way :

 {name : 'a value'}

And this only with marshaller and camel config. Please help, crystal clear explanations and howtos are welcomed too

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Essentially, just create xml like this inside your camel context.

  <json id="jack" library="Jackson" unmarshalTypeName="com.example.MyObject"/>

        <from uri="restlet:/json/"/>
        <to uri="bean:myFactory"/>
        <marshal ref="jack"/>

You seem to have mixed up the marshall/unmarshall words

Unmarshall = from json -> bean Marshall = from bean -> json.

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Thanks!! yeah got mixed up for sure, works perfectly –  TecHunter Aug 6 '12 at 12:00

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