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I have two models in my rails project: persons and an embeded collection, cities. there is also a spatial index on the cities. I want to find all persons near one city.

class Person
 include Mongoid::Document
 include Mongoid::Timestamps
 embeds_many :cities
 scope :nearby, ->(location, distance) { where('cities.location' => 
                    {'$near' => location , '$maxDistance' => distance})}

class City
  include Mongoid::Document
  include Mongoid::Timestamps
  embedded_in :person
  field :city
  field :location, type: Array  #0: latitude, 1: longitude

location_in_new_york = [40.71892, -74.00131]

My query would be

Person.nearby(location_in_new_york, 1)

But doing so a person with two cities which are very close to each other get found twice. How can I avoid this behavior? I dont want to reduce this in ruby, because I would like to keep my scope.

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While not as clean as just being able to call .distinct on a criteria, this workaround gives the expected results:

Person.find(Person.nearby(location_in_new_york, 1).distinct(:_id))

This doesn't work (as written) as a scope, however, so you'd have to make it a class method. Personally, I would look into adding a patch to mongoid to add a .unique method that does what you want (since MongoDB is responsible for returning field values instead of documents when you use its distinct operator: http://www.mongodb.org/display/DOCS/Aggregation )

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This works, thanks a lot. Problem is though, the result of the find method is an array instead of a criteria, and it gets an order criteria added and the result will be paged. Both wont work with an array. I agree adding a patch seems the best choice. –  electronicbites Aug 6 '12 at 13:05
Does a Person really need to have multiple cities in your data model? That would be the easiest thing to change. Otherwise, yeah, that's why I recommended doing it as a class method, because it's not chainable. You can call order before you do the location query, and paginate the array (hopefully there aren't too many results), or do a "Load More" rather than full pagination. –  Ben Taitelbaum Aug 6 '12 at 15:15
Unfortunately it needs multiple cities. But yes till we find a better solution we will going without them. I also saw there is an uniqueDocs option (bit.ly/hrPjfS) but it does not work for nearby querys. –  electronicbites Aug 8 '12 at 10:14

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