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I already had a functioning pie graph here (in terms of the data being displayed). It is a multi-pie graph showing 3 pie graphs in one graph. My problem is that I wanted to make my graph size bigger so that everything can fit the area and yet be able to see a complete view of the chart. Currently, I am using the code below (followed by the resulting screenshot):

$graph = new PieGraph(800,800);

graph at 800,800

However, when I changed it to:

$graph = new PieGraph(1000,1000);

graph at 1000,1000

hoping to make my "chart area" bigger, the pie graphs just became "zoom-out" and the "chart area" is still the same. All I wanted is that my charts will be fitted and not crowded. As you can see in the screenshot, there is not much difference. I also tried higher values and still the same.

Does anybody know how to do this? Thanks!

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Please see this link. I think this will be help you : Jpgraph pie plot set size

$pieplot->SetCenter(0.5, 0.4);
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