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I want to use regexp in matlab. I have an exemplary string 12nameofit2012.2.ending.mat. What i want to do is to detect and replace with nothing all signs in the beginning (this case 12) and all before .ending, but NOT 2012. (so, this case 2 after the dot). I guess i need some pattern from regexp and i guess it should be two consecutive lines, one detecting if there is any in the beginning:

regexprep(file_name, '^\d+', '')

but what to write for detection of the combination: . and integer ?

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how about using placeholders like this:

filename= '12nameofit2012.2.ending.mat'
reduced_name = regexprep(filename,'^\d+(.*?)(\.\d+)*(\.ending\.mat)$','$1$3')
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you can use

regexprep(file_name, '\.\d+', '')
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