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I have several routes like these:

get '/test1' => 'test#index1', defaults: {common: '123'}
get '/test2' => 'test#index2', defaults: {common: '123'}

And specs for them like these:

specify do
  get('/test1').should route_to controller: 'test', action: 'index1', common: '123'
specify do
  get('/test2').should route_to controller: 'test', action: 'index2', common: '123'

How to DRY up the usage of defaults?

I've tried using with_options like this:

with_options defaults: {common: '123'} do |o|
  o.get '/test1' => 'test#index1'
  o.get '/test2' => 'test#index2'

But it breaks the first test with message:

Failure/Error: get('/test1').should route_to controller: 'test', action: 'index1', common: '123'
       The recognized options <{"common"=>"123", "controller"=>"test", "action"=>"index2"}> did not match <{"controller"=>"test", "action"=>"index1", "common"=>"123"}>, difference: <{"action"=>"index1"}>.
       <{"controller"=>"test", "action"=>"index1", "common"=>"123"}> expected but was
       <{"common"=>"123", "controller"=>"test", "action"=>"index2"}>.

Am I doing something wrong? Or is there another way?

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You need not with_options here, defaults accepts block as well:

defaults common: '123' do
  get '/test1' => 'test#index1'
  get '/test2' => 'test#index2'
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I've trusted highlighting of my editor too much. It didn't highlight defaults as a known method when I typed it and I believed it. Shouldn't have. Thank you. –  astyagun Aug 6 '12 at 15:19

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