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I am developing a php application using ViM. Is there a shortcut for me to run the currentEditing.php? Alternatively, is there a shortcut for running main.php?

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You can execute shell commands in ViM using the following syntax:

:!command -options arguments

Therefore, you need to save your file first, and then run whatever command you need for executing php.

I don't know php, so let me give you an example with compiling a C file:

... editing text
:w main.c                 # save to file
:!gcc -Wall main.c        # compile the code
:!./a.out                 # execute the executable

Note that :! commands are run by shell and ViM has no understanding of it. Therefore, you can execute any command. This also means that the command cannot run on a modified, unsaved buffer.

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It depends on your platform, certainly, but when I'm developing python I often run the current script just by executing :!%. The colon for a command (obviously), the bang for shell execute, and the percent for the current filename.

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