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i have an enum in my data-class as follows

public enum ProcStat {

    NOT_READY               ((byte)-1, "Not Ready For Processing"),
    READY_FOR_PROCESSING    ((byte)0,  "Ready For Processing"),
    BEING_PROCESSED         ((byte)1,  "Being Processed"),
    PROCESSED_SUCCESSFULLY  ((byte)2,  "Processed Successfully"),
    MSG_SUPPRESSED          ((byte)98, "Msg suppressed before processing"),
    PROCESSED_ERROR         ((byte)99, "Processed With Error");

    private final Byte statByte; 
    private final String  statusDesc;
    ProcStat(Byte statByte, String statusDesc)
        this.statByte = statByte;
        this.statusDesc = statusDesc;
    public String toString()
        return statusDesc;
    protected static ProcStat getProcStat(Byte procStat)
        if (READY_FOR_PROCESSING.statByte.equals(procStat))             
            return READY_FOR_PROCESSING;
        else if (BEING_PROCESSED.statByte.equals(procStat))             
            return BEING_PROCESSED;
        else if (PROCESSED_SUCCESSFULLY.statByte.equals(procStat))
            return PROCESSED_SUCCESSFULLY;
        else if (MSG_SUPPRESSED.statByte.equals(procStat))
            return MSG_SUPPRESSED;
        else if (PROCESSED_ERROR.statByte.equals(procStat))
            return PROCESSED_ERROR;                 
            return NOT_READY;
    public Byte getStatByte()
        return this.statByte;

The Proc_Stat refers to a Number field in a DataBase table and i need to show a column on the page where it shows the corresponding String of the numeric proc_stat for each row. This is how i render any other field of the same data-class on the xhtml page:

id="dataTable" name="dataTable" var="data"

How do i give output value for enum type? do i give like this : value="#{data.procstat.toString()}" ??

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I think you need to create method in one of your managed bean that does the same as getProcStat method. Something like:

public String getProcStat(Byte byte) {
    return ProcState.getProcState(byte).toString();

In xhtml:

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i am already passing a list containing objects of my data class having all the instances including the enum value back from the DAO layer. All i need is a way to capture that field for each object on the xhtml page. if i give it as you have suggested value="#{yourBean.getProcState(data)}" that would mean making another call to the backing bean. –  cody Aug 6 '12 at 12:14

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