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Using PHP a new href is created in a list. How using jQuery can we load in that new href only and not the entire container.

<div class="container">
<a href="" id="test1">Test 1</a>
<a href="" id="test2">Test 2</a>
<a href="" id="test3">Test 3</a>
<a href="" id="test4">Test 4</a>

Now we know we have created an element #test5 with PHP, how do we load just that in at the end of this list.

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What do you mean by "creating an element" in PHP? Do you simply mean you're dynamically writing out the markup from PHP to the page? –  Paul Aldred-Bann Aug 6 '12 at 12:20

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If you have the code, use

$('.container').append('<a href="" id="test5">Test 5</a>');

If you need to load the data from a PHP script, use the following code:

$.get('http://example.com', null, 
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This should do it.

$('div.container').append('<a href="" id="test5">Test 5</a>'); 
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if I haven't got the question wrong you load just the a tag from php...I will show on the code...lets say

    //data is <a href="" ></a>
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You can use append or appendTo

$('<a href="" id="test5">Test 5</a>').appendTo('.container');

IF you receive the complete anchor tag( Ex: <a href="soemthing.php">Test5</a>) from an ajax request, you can simply append that.


If you got onlt the href(Ex: ="sompage.php") value then create a link and set the href attribute value

   $('<a id="someDynamcId">Tes 5</a>').attr("href",data).appendTo('.container');
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If the element is already loaded use this:

$('#test4').attr('href','whatever you want to change');
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