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I'm making a simple 2d side scrolling game using Unity 3D. When I say 2d I mean it will appear 2d, all background assets will be 2d but the main character will be 3d. What I want is an uneven floor surface. There will be no actual floor only what appears on the background, so technically i want to fake the floor collision.

I've looked into iTween and this looks like it could do what I want. My idea was to use iTween to create a line matching that of the floor on the background. I would then match the main characters x position with the lines x position and then get the lines y position at this point to set the characters y position.

My only problem is that I can't seem to get coordinates of the line. There is a method in iTween called PointOnPath() but in order to get the coordinates i need to know how far along the line my character is by a percentage. This is something I do not know as my character is not actually following the line.

If anyone has any ideas on how I could accomplish this, with or without using iTween, it would be greatly appreciated.

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You could use Unity3D's collision. BoxColliders can be used to simulate flat ground surfaces and possibly the uneven floor surfaces you described by placing differently sized BoxColliders next to each other.

If you wanted to simulate curved collision surfaces, consider using a MeshCollider and import a basic 3D mesh (from Blender, 3DSMax, Maya etc.) with a low poly count that fits the shape of your level.

A very quick way to demonstrate this is to drag a couple of Cubes (GameObject->Create Other->Cube), select it, and right click->Remove Component on both the MeshFilter and MeshRenderer, leaving you with the BoxCollider, which you can move/rotate/scale.

The only problem I can readily forsee this causing is having steps/stairs or small height differences. Unity's example character handles this by having the player's collision as a capsule shape, which pushes the capsule up when it hits the size of a stair at a certain height. Alternatives can be fixing the stair-collision handling in code or adding an angled/sloped collider to the gap between steps.

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