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Using this example from sampleTextEditor, while browsing I can see and I can open any file ( . ) with an extension. How can I open a file without an extension ?

def defaultFileDialogOptions(self):
    ''' Return a dictionary with file dialog options that can be
        used in both the save file dialog as well as in the open
        file dialog. '''
    return dict(message='Choose a file', defaultDir=self.dirname,

def askUserForFilename(self, **dialogOptions):
        dialog = wx.FileDialog(self, **dialogOptions)
        if dialog.ShowModal() == wx.ID_OK:
            userProvidedFilename = True
            self.filename = dialog.GetFilename()
            self.dirname = dialog.GetDirectory()
            self.SetTitle() # Update the window title with the new filename
            userProvidedFilename = False
        return userProvidedFilename
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change *.* to *

so now the whole filename is under the wild card and there is no dot needed

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