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Can anyone recommend a decent java library for face detection (recognition not required, just detection). The library would preferably be pure java (e.g. no dependencies on other native libs, DLLs or such). Platforms: Linux is a must; OS X and windows are very nice to have. Performance isn't a big deal, can be slow, it's for server offline processing. All I need to know is: are there faces in the photo? If yes, what are the coordinates of their bounding boxes? Thanks

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Check out Jon's Java Imaging Library which has face detection built in. You may have a little bit of work to do since it was originally written for J2ME but has a library for J2SE.

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Here's a blog post showing one JJIL solution. –  Michael Mior Oct 24 '12 at 4:39

Faint (and sourceforge) apparently wraps OpenCV, but also have a pure java eigenfaces (detection). It is sadly GPL - I've recently asked whether they'd consider LGPL.

Here's OpenCV, btw. Wiki. "OpenWiki", since the former is closed. "Face Recognition using OpenCV" - apparently what Faint does.

Here's the Face Recognition Homepage's page about [algorithms][9] (academic papers, not java).

Finally, since I can't comment on other people's "answers", I'd like to know if @steven actually knows of any such library, or if he just, in effect, says "Google it, I personally have no idea whatsoever"??

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Thanks, I'll have a look at it –  Ran Oct 5 '09 at 10:06

JavaCV bindings to OpenCV seem to work quite well. Here is an updated version of TK Gospodinov's example:

import com.googlecode.javacv.cpp.opencv_core;
import com.googlecode.javacv.cpp.opencv_highgui;
import com.googlecode.javacv.cpp.opencv_objdetect;

import static com.googlecode.javacv.cpp.opencv_core.*;
import static com.googlecode.javacv.cpp.opencv_highgui.cvSaveImage;
import static com.googlecode.javacv.cpp.opencv_imgproc.CV_BGR2GRAY;
import static com.googlecode.javacv.cpp.opencv_imgproc.cvCvtColor;
import static com.googlecode.javacv.cpp.opencv_objdetect.cvHaarDetectObjects;

public class FaceDetection {     
  // The cascade definition to be used for detection.
  private static final String CASCADE_FILE = 

  public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
    // Load the original image.
    opencv_core.IplImage originalImage = opencv_highgui.cvLoadImage(args[0], 1);

    // We need a grayscale image in order to do the recognition, so we
    // create a new image of the same size as the original one.
    opencv_core.IplImage grayImage = opencv_core.IplImage.create(
        opencv_core.IPL_DEPTH_8U, 1);

    // We convert the original image to grayscale.
    cvCvtColor(originalImage, grayImage, CV_BGR2GRAY);

    opencv_core.CvMemStorage storage = opencv_core.CvMemStorage.create();

    // We instantiate a classifier cascade to be used for detection,
    // using the cascade definition.
    opencv_objdetect.CvHaarClassifierCascade cascade = 
        new opencv_objdetect.CvHaarClassifierCascade(

    // We detect the faces.
    opencv_core.CvSeq faces = cvHaarDetectObjects(
        grayImage, cascade, storage, 1.1, 1, 0);

    // We iterate over the discovered faces and draw yellow rectangles
    // around them.
    for (int i = 0; i < faces.total(); i++) {
      opencv_core.CvRect r = new opencv_core.CvRect(cvGetSeqElem(faces, i));
      cvRectangle(originalImage, cvPoint(r.x(), r.y()),
      cvPoint(r.x() + r.width(), r.y() + r.height()), 
          opencv_core.CvScalar.YELLOW, 1, CV_AA, 0);

    // Save the image to a new file.
    cvSaveImage(args[1], originalImage);
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There is an OpenCV binding for processing that could be used with pure java I think. But it depends on the OpenCV framework so its only a solution if you don't find anything else.

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Look for Java implementations of Eigenfaces. The OpenCV binding is a real pain in java and a cross platform environment.

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