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enter image description here

I have 4 entities and I show them for 4 days. But first and last days I cant see other 2 entities.In 3 August I cant see T0,T1. In 6 August I cant see T2,T3.


var evalledData = eval("(" + result.chartData + ")");
var ac = new google.visualization.ComboChart($("#chart_div_ay").get(0));

ac.draw(new google.visualization.DataTable(evalledData, 0.5), {
     //title: 'Son 7 günlük sayaç okumalarının toplamı.',
     width: '100%',
     height: 300,
     vAxis: { title: "kW" },
     hAxis: { title: "Gün" },
     seriesType: "bars",
     series: { 5: { type: "line"} }


public ActionResult MusteriSayaclariOkumalariChartDataTable(DateTime startDate, DateTime endDate, int? musteri_id)
        IEnumerable<TblSayacOkumalari> sayac_okumalari = entity.TblSayacOkumalari;
        var sonuc = from s in sayac_okumalari
                    where s.TblSayaclar.musteri_id == musteri_id && s.okuma_tarihi.Value >= startDate && s.okuma_tarihi.Value <= endDate
                    group s by new { date = new DateTime(((DateTime)s.okuma_tarihi).Year, ((DateTime)s.okuma_tarihi).Month, ((DateTime)s.okuma_tarihi).Day) } into g
                    select new
                        okuma_tarihi = g.Key,
                        T1 = g.Sum(x => x.kullanim_T1) / 1000,
                        T2 = g.Sum(x => x.kullanim_T2) / 1000,
                        T3 = g.Sum(x => x.kullanim_T3) / 1000,
                        T4 = g.Sum(x => x.kullanim_T0) / 1000

        //Get your data table from DB or other source
        DataTable chartTable = new DataTable();

        chartTable.Columns.Add("Tarih").DataType = System.Type.GetType("System.DateTime");
        chartTable.Columns.Add("T1").DataType = System.Type.GetType("System.Double");
        chartTable.Columns.Add("T2").DataType = System.Type.GetType("System.Double");
        chartTable.Columns.Add("T3").DataType = System.Type.GetType("System.Double");
        chartTable.Columns.Add("Toplam").DataType = System.Type.GetType("System.Double");
        foreach (var item in sonuc)
            chartTable.Rows.Add(, item.T1.Value, item.T2.Value, item.T3.Value, item.T4.Value);

        //convert datetime value to google datetype, if your first column is date
        //convert DataTable to GoogleDataTable
        var googleDataTable =
                    new Bortosky.Google.Visualization.GoogleDataTable(chartTable);
        //Pass the google datatable to UI as json string

        return new JsonResult
            Data = new
                success = true,
                chartData = googleDataTable.GetJson()
            JsonRequestBehavior = JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet

This action return json as google examples custom data.

evalledData output:

enter image description here

Is there any option about this problem?


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It would probably be helpful to post your code. – user1477388 Aug 22 '12 at 12:58
I added the codes. – AliRıza Adıyahşi Aug 22 '12 at 13:05
Thanks. Can you show evalledData? – user1477388 Aug 22 '12 at 13:09
It is not about data it is depent charts options. If data is incorrect chart does not work – AliRıza Adıyahşi Aug 22 '12 at 13:13
It appears as though you are using the same options as shown on…. Therefore, with the only other variable being the data, the problem must lie therein. You may want to try using the draw() function like this chart.draw(data, options); instead of the way you are using it now. – user1477388 Aug 22 '12 at 13:16
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I recently had to build a chart like this. Please consider my code for your solution:

Put this in your Controller:

Function WeightAreaChartData() As JsonResult

    Dim myData = db.Tbl_Weights.Where(Function(x) x.Weight_Employee_ID).OrderBy(Function(x) x.Weight_Create_Date)

    Dim data = New List(Of Object)

    data.Add(New Object() {"Date", "Your Weight"})

    For Each i As Tbl_Weight In myData

        data.Add(New Object() {DateTime.Parse(i.Weight_Create_Date).Day, i.Weight_Amount})


    Return Json(data, JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet)

End Function

Put this in your view; changing the $.post() URL accordingly:

<script type="text/javascript">
    google.load("visualization", "1", { packages: ["corechart"] });

    function drawChart() {
        $.post('/Weight/WeightAreaChartData', {},
            function (data) {
                var tdata = new google.visualization.arrayToDataTable(data);

                var options = {
                    title: 'Weight Lost & Gained This Month',
                    hAxis: { title: 'Day of Month', titleTextStyle: { color: '#1E4A08'} },
                    vAxis: { title: 'Lbs.', titleTextStyle: { color: '#1E4A08'} },
                    chartArea: { left: 50, top: 30, width: "75%" },
                    colors: ['#FF8100']

                var chart = new google.visualization.ColumnChart(document.getElementById('chart_div'));
                chart.draw(tdata, options);

<div id="chart_div" style="width: 580px; height: 200px;"></div>

To fix your specific issue of the bars being cut off, I believe you can use this in your options:

hAxis: {
  viewWindowMode: 'pretty'

Like this:

var options = {
                        title: 'Weight Lost & Gained This Month',
                        hAxis: { title: 'Day of Month', titleTextStyle: { color: '#1E4A08'} },
                        vAxis: { title: 'Lbs.', titleTextStyle: { color: '#1E4A08' } },
                        chartArea: { left: 50, top: 30, width: "75%" },
                        colors: ['#FF8100', 'blue'],
                       hAxis: {

                            viewWindowMode: 'pretty'
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