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I need to check if IISexpress is already running in the system or not.. If not then I need to start IISExpress with Admin permissions.

To achieve this I am using the following code

var processes = Process.GetProcessesByName(
if (processes.Count != 0) return;
var pass = new SecureString();
foreach (char chr in settings.Default.Password)

var iisExpress = Environment.ExpandEnvironmentVariables(
Process.Start(new ProcessStartInfo
    FileName = iisExpress,
    UseShellExecute = false,
    CreateNoWindow = true,
    Verb = "runas",
    //UserName =settings.Default.UserName,
    //Password = pass, 
    Arguments = settings.Default.IISExpressArguments

The issue here is that it does not start IISExpress in admin mode.

Can any one help me here?

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Can you take a little bit of care and make sure any code samples pasted into your questions are formatted correctly? Please have a read of: stackoverflow.com/editing-help#code Thanks. – Kev Aug 6 '12 at 13:22
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Just change your code little bit to

Process process = Process.Start(new ProcessStartInfo()
  FileName = IIS_EXPRESS,
  Arguments = arguments.ToString(),
  RedirectStandardOutput = true,
  UseShellExecute = true,
  CreateNoWindow = true,
  Verb = "runas"

this shall do the trick

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