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My app lets users checkin with lat, lon and place name to Facebook. But I don't know how to deal with "place" parameter.

Is there any way to get or create one?

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Each checkinable place must have a valid Place Facebook Page.

The place parameter takes in the page_id of a Place Facebook Page.

For example, page_id 104999729569954 of Place Facebook Page

If your application is letting your users to checkin based on their current location

1) Use an external map service such as Google Map's Geolocation to get the coordinates(lat & lon) of your user's current location.

The set of coordinates returned from Google Map is different from Facebook's own set of coordinates.

2) To overcome this, do a FQL query to find the closest match of Facebook's coordinates with Google Map's coordinates.

SELECT page_id,latitude,longitude FROM place WHERE distance(latitude, longitude, "LAT_HERE", "LON_HERE") < 250

250 refers to the radius(m) that it will search within, it can go up to 50000.

3) Now that you have page_id, latitude and longitude. Assign page_id into place parameter. Assign latitude and longitude into coordinates parameter. You will then be able to publish checkin.

You can refer to publish checkin examples that I have posted over here. Facebook - Publish Checkins using PHP SDK/JavaScript SDK

If your application is letting your users to checkin based on selection from a list of place names or gallery of images (in a game or something)

You will just need to find the page_id of each place and bind them to respective place name or image.


Page FQL -

Checkins API -

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Maybe this is what you want. Open graph explorer Just replace URL with any facebook page url

fql?q=SELECT id FROM object_url WHERE url=""

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Nailed!! Thanks! – DccBr Oct 22 at 4:32

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