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I am using's service to add facebook 'like' button onto my site. Now I want to manually add some facebook social plugins to my site:

As I see, some plugins require to enter 'app_id', but I didn't specify my 'app_id' for's buttons, so I would like to ask how does facebook track those 'like' or other activities on my site??

For example, if a user clicked 'like' on's button on my site, would this user appear in the "Like Box" and "Facepile" plugins that I manually added to my site??


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When using AddThis, the app itself, gets the current page that is liked or the specified Facebook page. When you are referring to the app_id for AddThis, it is their own id that allows you to log into and access their custom statistics page.


When using the Facebook like button or other plugins, Facebook records the number of times someone has pressed the button. It also includes shares and reposts in this number. Using the Facebook API you would be able to seperate the numbers (whether like or share) if desired.

Facebook API

In order to access the information recorded by Facebook you must register and app with them and that will give you a Facebook app_id. This can then be used in any of their plugins.


Since the AddThis app transfers the information to Facebook, Facebook will display your like and share count in any of its plugins.

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I don't understand, you said I need app_id to access information recorded by facebook, but addthis are using their own app_id, so does it mean I need to enter addthis's app_id when using facebook plugins?? – RRN Aug 7 '12 at 8:29
no. When you are using Facebooks API you need to use an app_id to get any information. When it comes to AddThis, they have additional statistics on their website. In order for them to specifically track everytime a person clicks on an AddThis button on your website, they use an id (which allows them to distinguish and track your data). These are two seperate app_ids. For Facebook go to their developers sections and get an app_id. There are also plenty of tutorials online. – mlishn Aug 7 '12 at 11:32
I didn't enter any app_id on addthis, so how does facebook track those 'like' and reported them back to those plugins? FB recorded the liked URL on their server?? – RRN Aug 7 '12 at 11:43
when you dont enter anything on AddThis is does its normal function => tells Facebook you liked the page and done! It is the same as just a normal Facebook like plugin. So to answer your question, yes it reports to Facebook everytime you click like and then loads the like count from Facebook everytime the page is reloaded – mlishn Aug 7 '12 at 11:48
thanks, one more thing, as I see, those like button would report the like count for that specific page only. If I add a 'like box' or other plugins, would I make it to report ALL the like counts from my site?? – RRN Aug 7 '12 at 12:01

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