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Ok so I have a mySQL table of values. Some are positive, some are negative. The negative ones have a - infront of them in the table. I'm using Codeigniter.

I need to sum them all together, but IGNORE the - before the negative values. I just want to sum the numbers, not sum them as negative numbers.

So for example, this is what it does currently: -55 + -20 = 35

But what I want it to do is: -55 + -20 = 75

Basically I want to sum the values only, regardless of their positive or negative type.

How can I do this? Here's my query:

     ->from('accounts')->where_in('type', 'Expenses')
     ->where('date <=', $current_period)
     ->where('date >=', $previous_period);
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you can use "sum(abs(<column name>))" –  Shubhansh Aug 6 '12 at 13:26

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Perhaps something like this will work:

$this->db->select('SUM(CASE WHEN vat >= 0 THEN vat ELSE -vat END) AS sum', false)->from('accounts')->where_in('type', 'Expenses')->where('date <=', $current_period)->where('date >=', $previous_period);

This should keep positive numbers in vat positive and convert negative numbers to positive. Note: the false in the select() statement stops CI from auto-escaping the fields.

Also, as picked up from a comment from @shubhansh, you can use MySQL's ABS() method to get the absolute-value instead of the CASE:

$this->db->select('SUM(ABS(vat)) AS sum', false)->from('accounts')->where_in('type', 'Expenses')->where('date <=', $current_period)->where('date >=', $previous_period);
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Ahhh yes your 2nd one using ABS() worked great. Thanks! –  Noah Goodrich Aug 6 '12 at 13:43
@NoahGoodrich No problem! Glad it works =] –  newfurniturey Aug 6 '12 at 13:47

I can think of two ways.

First way: I'm pretty sure CI escapes field names, so to do it this way you need to execute normal query:

$this->db->query('SELECT SUM(AVG(vat)) FROM accounts WHERE ...'); // Replace ... with WHERE parameters 

Second way: Or do two queries and sum the results:

$positive = $this->db->select_sum('vat')->from('accounts')->where_in('type', 'Expenses')->where('date <=', $current_period)->where('date >=', $previous_period)->where('vat >=', 0);
$negative = $this->db->select_sum('vat')->from('accounts')->where_in('type', 'Expenses')->where('date <=', $current_period)->where('date >=', $previous_period)->where('vat <', 0);
$result = $positive + abs($negative);

Mind that second option would take longer time to complete as those are two separate queries.

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I had the same issue doing a date search on a db level - best I could do was use ABS() since time_diff returns a negative value if the result is in the past. If are working with date_diff or TIME_DIFF use this:

TIME(ABS(TIMEDIFF(TIME(sch_Starts), TIME("22:00:00"))))

it takes the possibly negative result, converts it via ABS and wrap the TIME() around that to convert back to time if u are using time specific functions like me.

Tedious perhaps but it works 100%

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You could always try:

where table.field NOT LIKE '%-%'
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