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I'm trying to use Paypal in my app, but all my attempts failed. I've connected all jars to my App. For now, i've created an account at https://developer.paypal.com/ , and I'm trying to follow the steps which are described here, but when I press "profile", it sends me to the "overview" page. So the question is, how can i get account userId, account signature, paypal applicationId and other info? ps. i'm using java. UPD. here is my code:

public boolean verifyAddress(String email) throws PayPalException {
        boolean isValid;
        CallerServices caller = new CallerServices();
        APIProfile profile = ProfileFactory.createSignatureAPIProfile();


        AddressVerifyRequestType req = new AddressVerifyRequestType();


        AddressVerifyResponseType resp = (AddressVerifyResponseType) caller
                .call("AddressVerify", req);//throws exception here
        isValid = resp.getErrors() == null;
        return isValid;

and here is one more question: i should set the e-mail,given by payPal(only numbers) or the pass, which i used for sign up?

UPD here is an image i get in sandbox: enter image description here

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Log in to https://developer.paypal.com/. The info you are looking for is in the "API and Payment Card Credentials" tab, in the section "API Credentials". If you haven't yet created a seller test account you must create one first.

In the future you may find useful PayPal's Integration Wizards, which generates all the code you need for you.


You don't have to use neither your email or your password, only the information provided by PayPal. For example, in the image below the username would be gemccu_1229982509_biz_api1.cs.com and the password QR9WVHAD2PYGC2P9. Your credentials should be similar to this ones.

enter image description here


As said before, you can find all the info in the "API and Payment Card Credentials" tab at https://developer.paypal.com/. Here you have a screenshot of what I see in mine:

enter image description here

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thanks, I found it, but my app still doesn't work. it seems that paypal returns nothing or something wrong –  Helgus Aug 6 '12 at 14:12
Paste some code of your app so that we can be more helpful. Anyway, if you use the PayPal Integration Wizard I mentioned before you shouldn't have any problem. –  admenva Aug 6 '12 at 14:15
see the updates –  Helgus Aug 6 '12 at 14:30
Edited too!! :) –  admenva Aug 6 '12 at 17:06
I don't have such links! and any info, described on the screenshot I can find find on developer.paypal.com, but not in sandbox... –  Helgus Aug 7 '12 at 7:52

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