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I have this strange bug i don't understand the cause with a simple helper method.

Here is the method, it returns an image link if the fichier object has got a image type attachement (i am using Paperclip to handle the attachment) or a link to download the attachment if not :

  def display_link_or_image(fichier)
    if fichier && fichier.fichier.present?
      if fichier.fichier.content_type =~ /image/
        image_tag(fichier.fichier.url(nil, false), :width => "585")
        text = "Téléchargez" + fichier.fichier.original_filename
        link_to(text, fichier.fichier.url(nil, false), :class => "button small medium")

This helper method is employed in the view like this : Manifesations#show (manifestations/show.html.erb)

<% @manifestation.fichiers.each do |fichier| %>
    <p class="link_or_image"><%= display_link_or_image(fichier) %></p>
<% end %>

Moreover wrote tests for this helper method :

  describe "display_link_or_image(fichier)" do
    context "fichier has got an image file attachment" do
      before(:each) do
        @fichier_with_imagefile = FactoryGirl.create(:fichier_with_imagefile)

      it "returns an image link" do
        helper.display_link_or_image(@fichier_with_imagefile).should eql(image_tag(@fichier_with_imagefile.fichier.url(nil, false), :width => "585"))

    context "fichier has got a file attachment different than an image" do
      before(:each) do
        @fichier_with_file = FactoryGirl.create(:fichier_with_file)

      it "returns a link to download the attachment" do
        helper.display_link_or_image(@fichier_with_file).should eql(link_to("Téléchargez : #{@fichier_with_file.fichier.original_filename}", @fichier_with_file.fichier.url(nil, false)))

    context "fichier hasn't got a file attachment" do
      before(:each) do
        @fichier_without_attachment = FactoryGirl.create(:fichier)

      it "returns nil" do
        helper.display_link_or_image(@fichier_without_attachment).should be_nil

I have no problem in my development environment on localhost, but in production environment i stumble on this error :

ActionView::Template::Error (interning empty string):
    29:     <p><%=raw @manifestation.description %></p>
    31:     <% @manifestation.fichiers.each do |fichier| %>
    32:         <p class="link_or_image"><%= display_link_or_image(fichier) %></p>
    33:     <% end %>
    35: <% if current_user %>
  app/helpers/application_helper.rb:20:in `display_link_or_image'

Can anyone give me a hint about why this happens ? Thank you !

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What Ruby version do you have in development and in production? This answer suggests it may have to do something with your Ruby version. (1.9 is OK, but 1.8 not) –  Mischa Aug 6 '12 at 14:20
what exactly is in line 20 of your helper? –  phoet Aug 6 '12 at 14:22
Well,thank you for the hints given, it was due to my ruby version, i was using 1.8.7 and when i managed to upgrade to 1.9 the bug disappeared. I don't fully understand why but i guess it is simply what the error says : ruby 1.8.7 can't interned empty string –  user318722 Aug 7 '12 at 14:21

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