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I am just wondering if I should do URIs like




In now days, is OK to use encoded URL from SEO perspective?


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There are languages that are not based on Latin alphabet, which need to be encoded. There are even non latin domain names. I'm not an SEO guru, but I think that there could be a problem if you don't encode your URLs. –  Boris Belenski Aug 8 '12 at 20:48

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That's fine. A couple years back SEOmoz did a study on delimiters in URLs, and URL-encoded strings actually had the higher correlation in ranking. I'm not able to find it so you'll have to take my word for it. (I believe it was the annual stats report they do)

You would be safer with URL-encoded strings, as it's a standard and will not produce crawl issues. Rewriting permalinks with dashes is better for the user however, so that's the accepted standard. You just have to make sure you rewrite correctly.

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I'd always try and avoid using characters that need encoding.

Google may not have problems with it but other scrapers and crawlers may get it wrong. If they do they may create duplicate or broken links to your website, and because of that you may lose out.

As Zachary said, it's also nicer for users to read and type in.

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