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I am trying to access request parameters on a web page and trying to set a hidden fields value to the passed parameter. How can I achieve this using struts2 tags?

Something like...

<s:hidden name="myfield" value="#parameters['myparam']"/>

I have tries using the parameters object but it does not work!

Thanks in advance.

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I figured this out. I was really lame to put this up here. Solution is shown below: <s:hidden name="myfield" value="%{#parameters['mparam']}"></s:textfield> –  Zaheer Baloch Jul 25 '09 at 21:06

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Adding Zahieer's answer out of his comment so the question can be "answered":

<s:hidden name="myfield" value="%{#parameters['mparam']}"></s:hidden>
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If you add a String getMyParam(),setMyParam(String val) to the action rendering the form then you can use

<s:hidden name="myfield" value="${myParam}" />
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